Reva Anthem

Vande tvam maathe jnaana swaroope,

Vande tvam maathe jnaana swaroope

Amithe athule athishayagahane

Vande tvam maathe jnaana swaroop..,jnaanaswaroope.

TamovidooraNa jyotiswaroopiNi

Vishwatomukha ananthavaahini

REVA naamaankitha seemaateetha prasaritapli>

Naanaa jnaanaswaroope

Tava daasOham Tava daasOham

Tava daasOham Tava daasOham…daasOham.

REVA Anthem Meaning

Stanza 1 :

O Mother, knowledge personified,

I bow to you,

the one without boundaries, rich and deep

Stanza 2 :

You are the one ,who lights up our minds

By removing the darkness of ignorance

Who is a global persona and eternal

O mother, you spread knowledge in various dimensions through REVA

I surrender myself at your feet

REVA Anthem Audio

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