Student Centric Environment

REVA Independent PU College, Ganganagar maintains a student centric environment. The teaching learning atmosphere in this institution ensures complete enrollment in most disciplines. The admission committee involves faculty members who help and counsel students in selecting right course. Students will be assessed before the commencement of the course and are offered bridge course to negotiate the syllabus for the program.


A missed class is a lost opportunity for students to learn. The college adapts the Learning Management System(LMS) to increase the frequency to report attendance data, class and examination schedule in standard manner. The system automatically triggers the text messages to the parents regarding the absence of their child for the classes.

Student Mentoring Programme Facilities

The college embraces the mentoring system to build stronger, close and supportive relationship between teacher and the student. Each mentor is given a set of 25 students who closely monitor the academics progress, attendance, social psychological aspects of each student and thereby improving the mentee's academics skills.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting is conducted two to three times in a year to identify both the challenges and gains; the child seems to be facing as a student and as a social person. It provides about fifteen mintues of uninterrupted time with the child's teacher. Teachers and Parents use these moments to establish rapport and develop a common goal that focuses on helping the child have the best college experience possible.


The college organizes Annual Science Exhibitions every year in the month f December to cultivate scientific thurst among students and orientation programs on various subjects are offered to students and faculty. A guest lecturer will be invited to discuss "Importance of II PUC Exams Patterns And Weightage Scheme" and brief about the topics and presented category-wise marks allocation/weightage scheme and exam pattern for 2nd PU board exam.

Co-Curricular & Cultural Events

Annual College Day 'VARNA' is celebrated every academics year in the month of january. Inter class competitions "SPOORTHI" is conducted every academics year in the month of August to nurture the talents of young minds. Students are encouraged to participate in various inter college competitions and win prizes.

National Cadet Corps

RIPU has a unit of NCC which aims at developing discipline, character, brotherhood and ideals of selfless service amongest young citizens. It also motivates the young to choose a career in the Armed Forces.


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